Dog Days of August

I’m in the home stretch of my annual vacation (5 days left beore returning to work). I’ve had a very restful staycation spent puttering around the house and getting a feel for what retirement might look like. I must admit though, that when retirment comes (not for another 5 or 7 yeaars though), I will need to be a bit more self disciplined with my time. But all in all, I feel I’ve used my time productively and am feeling that familiar, I’m ready to get back in the saddle feeling.

This morning I’ve spent a couple of hours catching up on some of my blog reading, and have found myself mightly inspired to begin blogging again. I’ve also determined to work on my sleep hygiene, which I’ve discovered is contributing to my vision problems. Staying up too late on Facebook and reading books is not healthy for mind or body, although it can be inspiriing, but all too often I end up playing games. So the plan is to try to get into bed at a decent time, pre-midnight will do quite nicely, and drag my sorry self out of bed by 6.

The plan is to spend that first hour attempting to reconnect with the world around me, saying Morining Prayer and then doing some productive internet work before heading off to the office for 9. You’ll know how I’m doing here.


About theladyfather

Anglican Priest of an ethnically diverse small city parish.
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2 Responses to Dog Days of August

  1. I relate to your need for a few more disciplines in order to perhaps better balance! I have been going to bed later and later blogging, readi g blogs, and reading in general. I leave home for work quite early, so something need. To give! 🙂 I hope you do well with new resolves! Debra

  2. yep! to all of the above. Especially the sleep thing.

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