On my pre-ordination retreat, our retreat leader was quite consistent about telling us that the life of an ordained person was a life of intentionality. “Oh, yes” I thought, ‘just what I need.” As a strong J on the Myers-Briggs scale, I’ve lived most of my life attempting to “get organized”, and never quite feeling as though I’ve managed to achieve the goal. I don’t know what I thought would happen the following Sunday night as the Bishop laid hands on me and prayed, but alas, there wasn’t any magic, and I still find myself struggling with intentionality. So, what do I attempt to be intentional about? Here’s my list (not in order of priority)

1) Keeping myself organized; this means to keep an up to date daytimer, to check it regularly, to spend time early in the week looking over my week, checking my To Do list and making any arrangements and adjustments necessary so that I don’t find myself in the wrong place t the wrong time. Success? I’d give myself a B+ on this.

2) Prayer: Although I’m pretty good at observing the practice of Morning Prayer, Evening Prayer and/or Compline is more of a struggle. Although I long for them, times of contemplative or meditative prayer are even more of a struggle (possibly because of #1). I’d give myself a C on this one though.

3) Eating and Exercising: I’m trying really hard on this one, and doing quite well with the exercising (at least recently), I’ve discovered Aquasize and love it. I have some friends to go with and they will encourage me, even when I don’t feel like it. The eating heathy thing is more difficult. I’m having to relearn what it is to be single (my daughter is in the process of moving away from home), and I often find myself grazing for a meal rather than actually taking time to cook a nutritious and tasty meal. Rating C+

4) House and yard work. I’m pretty good about this. I hate clutter and if I lose motivation, I simply turn on “Hoarders” and usually half way through the episode I find myself up and cleaning. Rating A

5) Family: I find that with only 1 day off and being caregiver for my Father, I have to schedule in time to connect with family. Often my day off is spent taking Dad to appointments, etc, and it can be exhausting. The older I get the more aware I am about the need to be more intentional about making sure that I do spend time with my children and grandchildren. It is hard though, between my schedule and their schedules. I’m looking forward to the days when they are involved in things and then I can just hang out watching them at their activities. Rating C.

About theladyfather

Anglican Priest of an ethnically diverse small city parish.
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