What happened to August?

September always catches me by surprise. All of a sudden, the long hot days of August begin to shorten, the odd yellow leaf floats down from the trees I walk under like stray confetti and dot the sidewalks. Suddenly, the children are going back to school, fall programs begin up and I know that the next time I get to stop and take a deep breath will be Epiphany.

Even though I enjoy summer, I love autumn. This morning my dear one made a big pot of ratatouille with the ripe tomatoes, zucchini and onions from our garden, it is still comfortable enough to sit outside (even though a sweater might be necessary) and the mosquitoes seem to have disappeared into whatever place mosquitoes go until next spring. My roses are still blooming and with the shorter and drier days, the interval between lawn mowings is lengthening. I love the beginning of new programs, taking me back to the first days of school where the clean blank pages of new notebooks seemed like open doors leading into new adventures; waiting to be filled with new ideas, new learnings, new understandings.

As I stand before a new year (I don’t care what anyone says, I believe September really is the beginning of a New Year), I stand before an open door of new possibilities, new opportunities and new adventures. Even though I know that we will soon face those days of cold and winter, for me, autumn offers a time to revel in the goodness of the abundance of summer, storing up hope, promise and the memory of God’s goodness that will carry me through the days ahead.

About theladyfather

Anglican Priest of an ethnically diverse small city parish.
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2 Responses to What happened to August?

  1. Songbird says:

    I feel the same way about September. And while I don’t want to rush fall, I find I’m vaguely counting down to the end of January…

  2. Susan Ormsbee says:

    I agree as for me, September is the culmination of August and the summer months. August has always been a lazy month, as a child it was when we did family activities when time was not a factor. This leisure time led into school – a time of new beginnings, new things to learn and experience. These experiences were easy to access, you just needed to show up at school and there they were. September is still like that for me, warm enough that you can just go to something and lots of new programs starting up. A time for new opportunities, new friends and new beginnings.

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