Friday Five April 29

Oh COURSE, I watched, I was born in the year of the Queens coronation and named after her, so how could I not watch.

I also sang along to the hymns and prayed the prayers. The coverage started at 2 am here, so I went to a friends late in the evening, grabbed a few hours of sleep, then up with coffee and tea biscuits with jam and LOTS of oohing and ahhing.

2) Fruitcake is very traditional for wedding cakes. I seem to remember hearing that bits of Queen Elizabeth and Prince Phillips wedding cake were shipped all around the world. Couldn’t do that with anything else. I actually don’t mind fruitcake (in small doses).

3) For a hat, I’d probably choose a fascinator. I hate wearing a hat; likely a hold over from my childhood where wearing a hat was de rigeur for female church attendance of all ages. They were held on by a piece of elastic that went under your chin and chafed terribly. Often I would slip a finger under the elastic in order to relieve the discomfort and if I misjudged and pulled too hard the elastic would snap back into place in the most painful manner, bringing tears to my eyes and a sharp elbow in my ribs from my very proper English Grandmother. “Quit squirming!”

4) I thought the sermon offered by the Bishop of London was brilliant, and I particularly loved the touch of including a prayer written by William and Kate. Must remember that one for my own wedding preparation.

5) Absolutely loved the dress. Very discreet, understated and elegant. I’m wondering if it reflects the brides personality.

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Anglican Priest of an ethnically diverse small city parish.
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