Friday Five

The topic this week is to tell of  five ways in which you are anticipating, or your life is moving towards light, joy, hope–new things:  new ideas,  new hobbies, new people…and so on.

I’m looking forward to resuming golfing again this year.  The wonderful perk of my ministry position is a membership to our local Golf Club.  Last year I didn’t use it much, but this year, I’m intending on joining the Ladies Club and golfing at least once a week with them and at least one other time with friends.

I’m looking forward to doing some landscaping around the house.  Last year I did a major renovation to my house and as a result the year was a mess, both front and back.  So I’m looking forward to finishing up the reno by completing the landscaping.

I’m also planning on developing my kayaking skills.  I can take lessons nearby and I’m trying to decide whether to take a weeks photography course or a week long course paddling in the Okanogan this summer.  If I do the photography course, then I can possibly do some kayaking when I visit my friend on the BC coast the following week.

And then there’s the big R…retirement for me is only 6 years away (or 8 if the gov’t pushes the retirement age to 67).  I’m not sure if that is really moving towards light, but I am looking forward to it, although somewhat intimidated by the thought of how close it is and how much I want/need to accomplish before then (especially financially).

And of course all of these new things will open the doors to new relationships, and all the wonderful things that come with them, new insights, new ways of seeing the world, new ways of understanding and new awareness of God’s incredible work in and through these people.

Bring it on!!!

About theladyfather

Anglican Priest of an ethnically diverse small city parish.
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