Reflections on the 2011 Women’s Retreat

I’ve just returned from our Annual Women’s Retreat and after a short nap,  and a hot bath I’m experiencing a sense of contentment about how the retreat turned out.  22 women took part from my church and a neighbouring one, and I shared the leadership with “young mother honorary assistant”  from that church.  I think we made a good team, and I felt particularly blessed to minister with her and to get to know her a bit better.

The theme of the weekend was “Finding Balance with God” and our goal was to help these dear sisters in Christ rediscover the joy of “being” rather than  “doing” .  There was lots of laughter, some tears, many, many beautiful craft items created and a whole pile of good food.    The only down side was the weather didn’t cooperate a bit, cold, grey and snowy.  About the only times we got outside was to grab wood so we could keep the fireplaces going full blast.  There is nothing better than a crackling fire on a grey, cold and cloudy day.

Tomorrow, back to the real world ….”Oh my gosh, Palm Sunday is only 3 weeks away!!!

About theladyfather

Anglican Priest of an ethnically diverse small city parish.
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