“Twitterisms” today

I’ve received a couple of interesting “Tweets” today, and thought I’d share them:

From “parishcollectiv”

Q.  “What action could do the most good for the church….?”
Eugene Peterson (author of “The Message):  “Go to the church nearest your home, shut up, and like it.”

From “AndyStanley”

If you want your kids to abandon church when they are older, force them to attend a church you secretly wish you could abandon now!

Is it just me or do these things seem to say opposite things?

Although I agree with Peterson on one level, I wonder how likely it is that those who are offended, angry, hurt or just plain ornery might find the urge to “shut up and like it” impossible to realize and end up “secretly wishing they could abandon the church”.  I’m sure that those of us who lead congregations have experienced the wall of anger and resentment that can come against us from those who are inwardly seething with rage.  It seems that these people are determined to “shut up” but are unable/unwilling to “like it”, and so continue on “hating it”, but refusing to abandon it.


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Anglican Priest of an ethnically diverse small city parish.
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2 Responses to “Twitterisms” today

  1. oneofgrace says:

    I do think that some people leave churches that challenge them to grow to find churches where they can have easy answers/be entertained or can have more influence. There is something to be said about sticking to a community through thick and thin. That being said, I would far rather have someone leave my church for another where they will be better fed and feel more at peace than to stay at my church and seethe, act out, and become bitter about the church.

  2. oh if only, if only it WERE “secretly”… I know one family at least where ALL the children abandoned the parental denominational choice just to find a place to worship that wasn’t echoing with parental diatribes… and having cursed and blasted the whole establishment for all her children’s years, their mother was stunned and nonplussed at their “defection”!!!

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